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Reverse Engineering

American Holt's reverse engineering process begins when our sales team and engineers determine whether we can save you 20% or more. Parts are evaluated further by our engineering team based on their complexity, application, and potential manufacturing costs. 

Through the use of precision metrology equipment and chemical analysis, our engineers develop detailed blueprints and quality control protocols. Once a part's geometry is determined, SolidWorks software is used to develop a CAD model. The CAD model is then converted into a 2D manufacturing drawing and sent to one of our manufacturing partners for fabrication to our exact specifications. 

Our 3D printing capabilities allow us to ensure that parts are modeled correctly before releasing them for manufacturing lessening potential issues before they arise, saving on manufacturing cost and reducing our time to market. 

Finished machine parts are subject to extensive quality control review where material composition, hardness, fit, and function are validated. Manufactured parts are housed on-site in our warehouse enabling us to ship your aftermarket parts the same day, reducing machine downtime and inventory costs.

3D Printing and Distributive Manufacturing

American Holt uses 3D Printing/Distributive Manufacturing to drive down the cost of prototyping and increase the speed at which solutions are presented to customers. 3D printing enables us to ensure that parts are modeled correctly before releasing them for manufacturing.  It is less expensive - in time and money - to 3D print a test prototype than it is to redesign or alter an existing mold.

Multiple design options can be printed and tested to ensure that the new parts work as intended. Frequently, mistakes in the mold design become apparent after fabrication which leads to more time consumed to accommodate mold iterations resulting in higher costs and longer lead time. 3D printing enables our engineers to identify issues before they arise, saving on manufacturing costs and reducing our time to market.

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